Transform Education for Excellence

Holistic Education Transformation

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Holistic Education Transformation is a complete end-to-end approach to reinvent higher education, and change the way faculties teach and student learn.

This methodology prepares the campus for academic excellence to make all students happily employable.

Why Transform Education?

  • To connect faculties, student and alumni for collaborative learning
  • To empower students to take control of their career and learning
  • To organize learning content, and build digital library for effective learning
  • To link campuses with industry for driving experiential learning

The Six Smart Steps


Deliver learning content at fingertips

Organize learning content based on the curriculum, and help students find right learning resources without having to search.


Drive student and faculty collaboration

Interact to harness the collective intelligence by linking students, faculties, alumni and experts from the industry.


Facilitate Innovation in Campus

Think collectively to manage ideas, and drive research projects for facilitating entrepreneurial learning and igniting new thinking.


Drive Personalized Talent Empowerment

Learn in line with personal career plan by empowering students to assess and drive personalized learning in line with the skills gap.


Manage work and learning activities

Perform the work collectively and monitor their tasks such as projects, research and learning.


Monitor the Learners' Progress

Measure faculty contribution, students' talent development, content effectiveness, and learning productivity.

The Masterclass Structure


Transforming Education for Excellence

  1. Why Transform Education?
    Key Challenges, Future of Education
  2. The Pursuit of Education Excellence
    On Holistic Education, The Holistic Model
  3. Insight on Learning
    Learning Model, Style, Senses
  4. The Six Pillars of Holistic Education
    Unleashing Brilliance: Mastery, Autonomy
  5. Self Governance
    Self-Directed Career Planning, Learning, Branding
  6. Social Transformation
    Role of Education, Collective Evolution
  7. Design Thinking for Greater Education
    Problem Identification, Ideation and Solving
  8. Digital Transformation in Education
    Technology Powered Learning
  9. The Six Step Transformation
    TLP Framework, Implementation, Change

To understand how to drive academic excellence