PurpleMind Masterclass: Make You Humanly Brilliant


PurpleMind Masterclass helps unlock the true intellect to achieve human possibility and become greatly useful.

PurpleMind helps career aspirants, faculties and workforce to learn the art of transforming self, education and workplace.

Why PurpleMind?


To Aspire Wisely

Learn how to define career with clarity of purpose, effortlessly focus, self-direct learning and move forward with a roadmap.

To Achieve Bravely

Learn how to attract high value jobs in the world of Robots and confidently deliver great work with growth mindset.

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Unleash Brilliance

PurpleMind Masterclass is a brilliant compilation of experienced wisdom on how to become aware, aspire and achieve beyond.

Make your talent shine and attract high value happy employment.

To learn the art of unleashing brilliance:

PurpleMind Masterclass Modules

Aware - Stamp - V - LBG

The Art Of Self Discovering

Aware helps understand self, realize the world around, and develop sense of purpose to meaningfully aspire and learn what matters.

Navigate - Stamp - V - LBG

The Art Of Navigating To Success

Drive enriches the ability to focus, plan, and design a personalized roadmap to move towards the goal with certainty.

Reimagine - Stamp - V - LBG

The Art Of Rethinking Future

Reimagine inspires to see beyond, look at possibilities and opportunities, and learn to redesign the skill for achieving happy success in the future.

Optimize - Stamp - V - LBG

The Art Of Empowering Mind

Optimize helps drive whole-brain learning, harness collective knowledge, and achieve optimal performance in learning and work.

Ignite - Stamp - V - LBG

The Art Of Enduring Optimism

Ignite enriches the intellectual and emotional brilliance, and helps learn how to embrace passion and positive energy to persevere all the way.

Thrive 4E - Stamp - V - LBG

The Art Of Rising Above

Thrive helps nurture right culture, attitude and ability to reach the pinnacle of success one step at a time and one tiny change at a time.

Advanced Modules

The Art Of Digital Empowerment

Empower helps nurture wise ecosystem to converge brilliance, and to drive holistic digital transformation in workplace and higher education.

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The Art Of Sensible Recreation

Institutions and individuals perish in stagnation and senseless change. Reinvent helps rethink and recreate for sustainable progress.

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The Art Of Solving Holistically

Atomistic thinking is the root cause of all misery in life. Solve enlightens on holistic design thinking to create sensible solutions.

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Sharpen your mind to experience the joy of being brilliantly valuable.

Become the best you are capable of becoming. Do the best you are capable of doing.

About The Author


Lakshman Pillai is the Founder and Chief Reinventor at Holistic Innovations Lab. He has 30 years of experience in entrepreneurship, software innovation, knowledge empowerment, self transformation, personalized education, workplace transformation and holistic digital excellence.

He is the creator of PurpleMind Masterclass and Transform methodology, author of Holistic Workplace and Chief Architect of Smipio, the holistic software to think, learn and perform brilliantly. He is on an entrepreneurial mission to unleash human excellence.

Lakshman has worked with Oracle Asia Pacific in Singapore as Manager, Knowledge Systems, and Wipro R&D in Bangalore & USA as Software Engineer. His educational qualification includes MCA from Thiagarajar College of Engineering, PGDCA from Nehru Memorial College, and BSc Physics from Jamal Mohamed College. Lakshman has done courses in Singapore Institute of Management on learning and creativity.