Lakshman Pillai – Holistic Entrepreneur, Author And Reinventor

Lakshman Pillai is a holistic entrepreneur with 30 years of experience in information technology, software innovation, and in unleashing human excellence. He is a pioneer of holistic knowledge management, digital empowerment, singularized education, and sensible creation. He facilitates reinvention and convergence of workplace, individual, society and education. His holistic thinking and trailblazing desire to humanize learning, living and working energized him to start Holistic Innovations Lab.

Lakshman is the Chief Architect of Smipio,  a holistic digital excellence to think, learn and perform. He has authored a book Holistic Workplace for Excellence, created PurpleMind Masterclass to unleash brilliance, and designed Smipio Transform to drive the cycle of tiny learning for great transformation.

Before becoming an Entrepreneur, he was working with Oracle Asia Pacific in Singapore as Manager - Knowledge Systems and Services, and Wipro Bangalore & USA as Software Engineer (R&D). He has delivered transformational talks.

Lakshman's education qualifications include MCA in Thiagarajar College of Engineering, PGDCA in Nehru Memorial College, and B.Sc (Physics) in Jamal Mohamed College. He got trained in Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) on thinking, learning, mind mapping, and communication.


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Holistic Innovations Lab is founded by Lakshman Pillai for creating sensible solutions with the big picture in mind.

Holistic innovation shapes the future of reinvention for sustainable progress and brilliant disruption.




Recent Talks (2018-2020)

1. Navigating You To Happy Career
Organized by IEEE, ACM and CSI, and Jamal Mohamed College

Delivered highly interactive online seminars on connecting all the right dots towards achieving happy career. This enlightens cluelessly struggling students and workforce stuck in stagnation to move forward with confidence.

2. Solving The Entrepreneur Way
Organized by VIT University

Delivered highly interactive online seminar to potential entrepreneurs and future intrapreneurs for helping them sensibly solve the problem close to their heart and drive innovation through lean startup venture.

3. Holistic Digital Empowerment
Organized by IEEE

Delivered highly interactive session on driving the digital transformation to change the way current and future knowledge workers think, learn and perform.

4. Holistic Reinvention
Online Seminar

Delivered thought provoking presentations to industry experts, educationalists and potential entrepreneur. This talk is about reimagining the future and driving new creation-based economy.

5. Solving Sensibly
at VIT University

Delivered deep talks to potential entrepreneurs on how to see opportunities in the whole new world and how one should go about solving that problem sensible way.

6. Convergence of Brilliance
VIT, Vellore, India (2019)

Delivered mind-opening talk on how to look at the big picture at a social, national and organizational level. Explained about how to harness the collective intelligence for collective evolution.

7. Transform You for Excellence
at Engineering Colleges, India (2015-2019)

Have delivered highly interactive session and elucidated on the importance of unleashing the true potential of individuals.

8. Script Your Own Success Story
Engineering College, Theni, India (2018)

Motivational talk to students of rural areas and explained a simple model on how to align career goals, learning, talent development and positioning of their talent for right career opportunities.

9. Design Thinking for Educational Excellence
Thiagarajar College of Engineering, Madurai, India (2018)

Enlightened the faculties from various campuses on design thinking and how to embrace it for creating sensible solution and supporting sustainable development.

10. Reinventing Education
Webinar to Participants in Malaysia (2018)

Have delivered highly interactive session and elucidated on the importance of unleashing the true potential of individuals. This is about redesigning education for the 21st century.

Past Talks

1. Enriching Education Through Computer Technology
Paper Presentations (1987, 1988) PSG Coimbatore, TCE Madurai

Delivered thought provoking presentations in various seminars and received second prize at PSG college of engineering, Coimbatore.

2. Emerging Database Technologies
CSI (1996)  Hyderabad, India

This talk was focusing on next generation database technologies.

3. How Internet Changes Knowledge Management (KM)
Oracle Open World (1997) New Delhi, India

This is the very first talk I gave on "Knowledge Management (KM) " with so much of excitement. Addressed the roles of both technology and collaborative culture.

4. Knowledge Management (KM)
Oracle Open World (1998), Singapore

Delivered insight on the role of knowledge management in delivering operational excellence and efficiency in various industries and departments.

5. Business Intelligence and Knowledge Management
Oracle OpenWorld(1998) Manila, Philippines

Shared thoughts on driving collaboration among the workforce and gaining insight through data mining.

6. Talent Pool in India
India Forum(2003), Singapore

Discussed about how Singapore can leverage the Talent pool in India and how India can leverage the business environment from Singapore.

7. Role of KM in Literature
Tamil Net (2001), Kuala Lumpur

This talk I gave just before founding Lpcube in 2001. Articulated the value of embracing KM culture, systems and platform to collectively harness the power of Tamil literature.

8. How Internet Changes Everything
KM Conference (1999), Singapore

Spoke about how Internet technologies changes everything including the way we connect, learn and do business.

9. Intelligent Project and KM
MITPM (2005), Kuala Lumpur

Spoke about how to empower project management and project teams using the Knowledge Management practices and systems. Many of the PMPs and future PMPs were excited about the blending of KM and PM.

10. Role of KM in Projects
M2 Asia (2006), Kuala Lumpur

Spoke about "Role of Knowledge Management in Projects" one more time. This session focused on the public sector.

11. From KM Philosophy to Practice
Asia Pacific PM 2006, Bangkok, Thailand

This talk is on transforming the KM philosophy into practice in the Project Management environment.

12. Emerging Trends in KM
OUM (2006), Kuala Lumpur

Many academicians and PMPs gathered to hear my talk on emerging concepts of Knowledge Management that can transform institutions and business enterprises.

13. KM System & Strategy
KM Workshop (2006), SCT, Salem

This is a marathon one full day talk on Knowledge Management delivered at Sona College of Technology to faculties and students gathered from various institutions in India.

14. Insights into Knowledge Management
BHEL, Trichy, India

This speech helped general managers, middle managers and engineers in BHEL to gain insights into the value of knowledge management.

15. Establishing Knowledge Community
KM Workshop at IMI (2005), Delhi

The Indian Management Institute organized a two-day workshop on Knowledge Management. I spoke about "Establishing Knowledge Management or Learning Communities".

16. KM & Business Intelligence
Oracle User Conference (1999) - Manila, Philippines

Spoke about the value of knowledge management in nurturing organizational culture and human capital. I also emphasized on the importance of business intelligence (BI) in bring out knowledge from data.

17. Emerging Technologies for Collaboration
Oracle Openworld (1999), Australia

Spoke about the role of emerging technologies including collaborative platforms in enabling knowledge management and the value of human touch in nurturing knowledge.

18. Discovering the True Intellect
Colleges in India

Motivational talk for broadening the minds of students and explained the needs and techniques for maximizing their learning potential and the ability to think, learn and perform.

19. Talk on TrueKM
Many Organizations

As a KM evangelizer, explained the value of TrueKM and how companies can benefit. It helped set the right perception on KM.

20. Turning Point
Many Colleges in India

Motivating lecture to college students on how they discover their turning point in life by aligning their interest, goal, competency, learning, passion, energy and opportunities.

21. Personality Development
Many Colleges in India Around Mid 2000

Shared insights on the best practices for how to learn. Delivered few workshops on this topic to improve the employability of final year college students.

22. Entrepreneur - Myth to Reality
Entrepreneur Week (2008), Velammal Management

Shared insights on entrepreneurship with the students of MBA programme at Velammal Management Institute at Chennai, India.

23. Role of KM in Healthcare
Avinashilingam University

Thought provoking speech delivered to hundreds of students and faculties on how Knowledge Management in Healthcare can enrich the lives of people.

24. Establishing Knowledge Community
Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

Story driven speech delivered to students (M.S. in KM) in Nanyang Technological University. This talk focused on establishing learning community for driving collaborative culture.

25. Knowledge System
Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore

Talk on how we went about transforming our ideas into integrated knowledge lifecycle management solution and KM consulting.

26. Ignorance and Truth in IT
SCT, Salem, 2008

Gave insights into Information Technology competency requirements and marketplace. Discussed about how to plan and learn to gain visibility and comfortably move towards success.

27. Role of KM in Managing Projects
Sangoshthi 2008, Kalpakkam, India

Explained Project Knowledge Management at a KM conference organized by LISPS, Kalpakkam to scientists from Indira Gandhi Center for Atomic Research, Baba Atomic Research Center, and more.

28. Personal Knowledge Manager
Sangoshthi 2008, Kalpakkam, India

This presentation focused on enlightening the scientists on the value of integrated personal talent, knowledge and activity management in the organizational context.

29. From KM Philosophy to Implementation
FCRI, Palakkad, India

Focused on how KM can be implemented at technological research environment. The employees of Fluid Control Research Institute and the foreign nationals going through training actively participated.

30. Perfect Learning
FCRI, Palakkad, India

Focused on how individuals can systematically and scientifically manage their knowledge, time, learning and activities. Industrial engieering trainees including foreign nationals participated in this training program.

31. A True Knowledge Management
IT Companies, India, Singapore

This session helped employees in various IT companies get insights on true knowledge management including practical tips on how it can be align to their business processes.

32. Business Intelligence
FCRI, 2010, Palakkad, India

Explained about data warehousing, data mining, scorecard and dashboard to participants from Myanmar, Tanzania, Ivory Coast and so on.

33. Next Generation Knowledge Management
KM India, 2009, Anna University, Chennai, India

Discussed in detail about the next generation knowledge management systems such as knowledge organizer, knowledge navigation, perfect communication, integrated talent & learning management, smart activity management and performance metrics.

34. Role of Knowledge Management in Smartly Managing Projects
PMI Chennai Chapter, 2010, Anna University, Chennai, India

Talked about the complete end to end system for changing the way we manage through the six smart step approach including managing collective knowledge. Close to 100 PMI members participated in this event.

35. On Entrepreneurism
VIT University (2010 - 2013), Vellore, India

Delivered many talks on motivating students and faculties on driving entrepreneurism in India. Ignited many minds on building the right ecosystem.

36. Debates and Panel Discussions
KCommunity (2010 - 2013), Chennai, India

Have moderated few debates such as "Centralized, Decentralized Vs Self-management" and "Process, Platform Vs People". Lead panel discussion on enriching education in India.