Why Holistic Thinking?

Everything that exist in this world are inter-connected. Nothing can exist on its own meaningfully and usefully. There is a connection between trees and birds. Birds enjoy living on trees. Trees not only protect birds but also give fruits for the birds to eat and live. Birds naturally help disperse the seeds after consuming its fruits. It helps grow more trees. Trees help all living beings to breathe fresh air and drink fresh water by facilitating rain. Rain helps grow food and keeps the soil fertile. Food helps all of us to live a healthy and energetic life. We can keep connecting all the dots and we can go deeper.

At workplace recruitment, thinking, learning, knowledge, talent, team, collaboration, task, customer, and performance management all are tightly inter-connected. Many of it are addressing through atomistic thinking. Hence, the creation of so many piece-meal-solutions. Imagine a different parts of the car in the rack. What value does it give anyone?

Whole is more meaningful and valuable than the collection of its various parts. You can see many examples across sectors from farming, education to rocket research organization. Without getting the big picture, one cannot truly come out with a sensible solution. Industries that does not think about environment destroy the environment and the entire planet. Therefore, we need holistic design thinking for sensible and sustainable progress.

Learn to understand all the related entities, get ideas from all stakeholders and team members, creatively connect them, and create sensible solutions.