About Holistic Innovations

"Solving Sensibly" is the motto of Holistic Innovations. Holistic Innovations Lab is started with the aim of creating sensible solutions including holistic software, learning content and consulting methodology to ignite radical change in workplace, higher education and knowledge workers.

Why Holistic Innovations?


Narrow-minded atomistic thinking is the root cause of all the problems that make our life complicated.

We need to empathetically identify problems and meaningfully design better future to enrich living, learning and working.


Social evils such as poverty, hunger, and unsustainable development are still a huge problem in the 21st century.

Unemployability, under-employment, rote learning, workplace stress and low employee engagement blocks progress.


The way we address problems with the short-term narrow thinking is not effective.

For a great social, economic and personal impact, we need to connect all the right dots and redesign for sensible solutions.

Discover and Design a Better Future

Great human potential energized by holistic education, high performance workplace, and enriched nature is the foundation of sustainable personal, social and national development.

Smipio is a holistic software innovation designed for greatness and developed from ground up to deliver personal, educational and organizational excellence.

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The Future of Work


Majority of the workforce experience hell on hearing wakeup alarm every day, feeling the pain of getting into the stress zone. Work environment has become complex. Information overload blocks learning and makes workforce less productive.

Smipio for Workplace simplifies entire learning and work lifecycle for driving progress at personal, team and organizational level.

Transform Workplace for Excellence is a consulting methodology and workshop to help drive the change necessary.

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The Future of Education


Education system got cemented in the 19th century. Generalized rote learning cannot make everyone successful. Human beings are losing their ability to think creatively, learn sensibly, and empathetically solve.

Smipio for Education helps revolutionize education to drive holistic, career-based and personalized learning for unleashing the brilliance in all learners.

Transform Education for Excellence is consulting methodology and workshop for empowering faculties to change the way students learn and succeed.

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The Future of Yourself


There is brilliance in everyone. The secret of unlocking your brilliance lies in connecting all the right dots from defining your purpose, taking control of what you learn and do, and how well you navigate yourself towards the success you truly desire.

Smipio for You is a holistic software innovation for empowering you to manage your progress insightfully. Smipio for You helps enhances your personality, cognitive ability and employability for delivering personal excellence.

Transform You for Excellence is a workshop to help you discover the secret of unleashing your true potential and to see the world of opportunities for putting your brilliance to work.

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Design the Real You

Aware captures the desire, passion, career aspiration, strengths and weaknesses of college students and workforce, wisely guide them to learn what matters, develop right talent, and help position their talent to confidently succeed.

Aware helps discover your unique seed within you, identify what you love to do, and what you are capable of for designing the future you desire.

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Holistic Digital Empowerment

Atomistic thinking prevents us from solving inter-connected problems meaningfully and completely. We need a holistic approach to digitally transform and converge the brilliance of industries, institutions, and individuals to unlock the true potential of human beings. Great human potential energized by holistic education, high performance workplace, digital empowerment, and enriched environment is the foundation of sensible progress. Knowledge empowerment powered by digital technologies can change the way we think, learn and perform to deliver excellence. It will rewire human minds towards becoming mindful and making their existence meaningful and sensible.

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Drive Holistic Transformation

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The Six Smart Steps

In Holistic Innovations, we have created a methodology and learning content for driving holistic transformation and facilitating radical change. We deliver workshop and consulting to help ignite holistic learning and thinking.

Transform is the workshop and consulting methodology for taking higher education, business enterprises and knowledge workers to the next orbit.

Transform Workshop for individuals helps drive self-transformation toward success.

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Ebook Holistic Workplace for Excellence gives insight into why workplace needs to be transformed and elucidates on the six pillars and six step transformation methodology to help implement and drive the change successfully. This detailed version is ideal for knowledge workers, team managers and leaders, and change agents.

Ebook Holistic Workplace in a Nutshell provides conceptual overview. This simple version is ideal for senior executives.

Holistic Innovations is all about solving sensibly through creating meaningful and effective solutions. To reinvent your organization and redesign yourself for delivering excellence with ease, contact us.