Holistic Innovations – Solving Holistically


We create sensible solutions with big picture in mind to drive profound transformations.

Atomistic thinking in a narrow mind neither solve any problems nor bring the change we truly need.

Solve With Holistic Thinking


1. See Mindfully

Realize how humanity suffers unhappy and unhealthy living, learning and working.


2. Solve Sensibly

Connect all the right dots and solve interrelated problems through holistic design sense.


3. Sustain Positively

Drive sustainable progress through holistic innovation to make great impact.

Reinvent For Great Future


The Future of Work

Complex work environment and disengaged workforce fail to deliver excellence at workplace.

Holistic workplace brings autonomy, insight and unified platform for happy learning and working.

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The Future of Education

Education system cemented in 19th century shatters the dreams of many and creates uselessly degreed people.

Holistic education and self-directed learning make everyone stay successful and reach great heights.

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The Future of Yourself

Many individuals struggle due to unemployability, lack of career clarity and low cognitive power.

Holistic Talent Empowerment makes individuals become brilliantly valuable for the workplace.

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Embrace Holistic Innovations

Unlock The Genius With You

PurpleMind Masterclass helps unleash the true cognitive power for achieving great success in this era of robotic automation.

This masterclass can make you a holistic learner, thinker and creator, and bring the confidence and insight necessary to make you shine.

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Navigate To Happy Career

Smipio is a wise navigator to reach the pinnacle of success in the pursuit of happy career, learning and working.

This software platform for holistic digital empowerment is designed from ground up to digitally unify, empower and change the way people think, learn and perform.

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Achieve Human Possibility

Transform is a holistic transformation methodology to guide individuals, higher education and enterprises to grow beyond.

This six smart steps model helps manage change and drive profound transformation to experience the amazing human possibility.

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Ebook Holistic Workplace for Excellence elucidates on why and how to drive the transformation using the six step methodology. This book is for knowledge workforce, team leaders, project managers, and change agents.

Ebook Holistic Workplace in a Nutshell provides conceptual overview for senior executives to get an idea on what does it take to create the next generation workforce and workplace.

To achieve holistic innovation