Transforming Workplace for Excellence


This workshop for knowledge enterprises is designed to enlighten knowledge managers and knowledge workers to simplify learning and working.

Transform Workshop for workplace helps understand the six pillars of holistic workplace, workforce transformation, digital transformation and the six step methodology to drive the transformation for high performance.

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Transforming Education for Excellence


This workshop for higher education is designed to enlighten educationalists and faculties to rethink teaching and learning.

Transform Workshop elucidates on why education needs to be reinvented, what is holistic education, what are the pillars of education and how to move away from the traditional teaching and rote learning to personalized self-learning.

Faculties will learn how to become the facilitator of learning and how to help students identify and align their career aspirations to personalized learning path. This approach maximize employability and help student build good personality for success.

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Transforming You for Excellence


This workshop for individual is designed to enlighten career aspirants, college students and knowledge workers to reimagine themselves for the future and change the way they think, learn and progress.

Individuals will learn how to become aware of their desire, how to align the career goals to personal learning plan, how to create powerful personality and how to position their talent for right opportunity to succeed in style.

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