Holistic Workplace for Excellence

Why Holistic Workplace?


Many workforce experience hell on hearing the wake up alarm triggering the pain of going to the stress zone. Gallup survey says "66% of the workforce are disengaged".

Holistic workplace empowerment is to create a happy and high performance work environment.

The Future of Work


We are entering the world of digital transformation and robotic automation. Workforce empowerment changes the way workforce decide, develop talent and deliver work.

Create an intelligently nimble and high energy workplace to make a difference in the new era.  Simplification and unification of work defines the workplace of the future.

Reinventing Workplace For The Future


PurpleMind is a holistic masterclass to develop talented and high performance workforce.

PurpleMind helps learn how to self-govern and self transform in the pursuit of happy career.

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Smipio for Workplace is a super software to unify entire career, learning and work lifecycle.

Smipio for Workplace enables microlearning by bringing right knowledge at fingertips. Simplified working and perfect career alignment bring the flow experience at work.

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Transform Workplace for Excellence is a methodology to move towards high performance work environment.

Transform,  powered by Smipio for Workplace, helps drive holistic workplace transformation and build cognitively agile workforce.

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To reinvent work and unleash workforce excellence