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In spite of all the technological revolutions, social evils such as poverty, malnutrition, incompetence, and unsustainable development still exist in the 21st century. Useless learning, dangerous food, unaffordable hospital care, human exploitation, and environmental decay create highly vulnerable humanity.

Unemployability, under-employment, and depressive workplace block progress. Narrow-minded atomistic thinking is the root cause of all misery in life. Dehumanized education makes us unconsciously numb. This is time to break away from the fixed mindset to think beyond.

Reimagine Solving

"The significant problems we face cannot be solved at the same level of thinking we were at when we created them." — Tarek K. A. Hamid (1979)


Identify Genuinely

The true success of solving a problem lies in empathetically identifying the problem. Being mindful and demonstrating genuine morality to understand the suffering lead us to the root of the problem.


Ideate Infinitely

Creating right solution begins with the free flow of ideas from infinite minds. Great ideas emerge in the comfort of collaborative thinking. Open environment, creative courage and infinite imagination helps think outside the box.


Invent Sensibly

Creative convergence of ideas, collective enthusiasm, and sincere desire for sustainability influence the design of sensible solutions. Harmony at work and endurance lead to wonders much beyond the experienced possibilities.


Inspire Positively

Thrusting solutions into people's throats fails miserably. Inspiring and influencing people to comfortably embrace change bring new thinking into reality. Moreover, real value of a solution is in positive progress.


Impact Greatly

Democratization of innovation brings great impact at all levels. Ultimately, the success of early adopters triggers wider adoption. Exploitation by luring people into addictive trap results in massive destruction of humanity.


Improve Nimbly

Change is not a one time activity. Becoming aware of how well or how bad people embrace the solution is vital to drive continuous improvement. Knowing the thoughts of users brings us more ideas to refine and redesign the solution.

Reinvent The Future

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Our sensible creations include Smipio Software for digital empowerment, PurpleMind Masterclass for unleashing brilliance, and Transform Methodology for driving the reinvention. Get your human excellence unleashed and let infinite mind do the wonders.

Achieve holistic innovation, become a sensible creator and solve the misery of life through sensible creations.