Masterclass: Reinvention for Excellence

The Art Of Disrupting Sensibly

Masterclass - Reinvention for Excellence

Why Reinvention?


Education got stuck in the 19th century factory model. Workplace complexities lead to more suffering and employee disengagement. Workforce get stuck in their career path and become irrelevant.

Unfortunately, poverty still exists in the 21st century. Pollution, unhealthy food, infertile soil, decaying of environment, digital disempowerment, useless learning, and unhappy workforce lead to more psychological and physiological sickness.

Reimagine, redesign and reinvent to bring disruption and stay relevant.

Holistic Reinvention



Narrow-minded atomistic thinking is the root cause of all the problems that make our life complicated. Learn how to visualize the big picture and create solutions for high sustainability.



Empathetically identify problems, holistically think and meaningfully design better future to enrich living, learning and working.



For a great social, economic and personal impact, connect all the right dots and redesign and implement solutions sensibly.

Disrupt or Be Disrupted?


In this Robotic age, it is impossible to exist meaningfully with herd mentality. Workplace disruption, education disruption, career disruption, and social disruption are necessary to stay relevant in the machine age. Disrupt or be disrupted.

Course Duration: 2 Days (Minimum); Participants: Maximum 15

For Who?


Potential entrepreneurs, early stage entrepreneurs, product management team, faculties, middle management, team leaders and knowledge workers (intrapreneurs) interested in driving reinvention can benefit from this masterclass.

Join the Reinventors Club to break your rigidity, stay nimble, ignite your infinite imagination, and know how to manage the shockwave and drive radical change.

Why Now?

This masterclass will enlighten you to see great opportunities and think differently to solve sensibly. In this world of constant change, stagnation is not an option. Stagnation slowly and steadily destroys institutions and business enterprises. Organizations and individuals staying in the comfort zone for too long will definitely perish.

Therefore, to thrive in this world of constant change it is necessary to come out of the comfort zone. Fresh thinking, positive energy, great vision and taking the right steps lead to high standard of living and working.

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Ignite Creative, Sensible Disruption

Workshop includes group discussions and presentations on education, workplace, career disruption and social disruption. Learn how to become a reinventor and disruptor to get ahead.

Customized Masterclass: Depending on the participants special emphasis will be given for education reinvention, enterprise reinvention, social reinvention and career reinvention.

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