Incredible Mind: Unleash Greatness

Holistic Masterclass

Incredible Mind is a holistic learning program for knowledge workers and learners to unleash their greatness. Incredible Mind helps nurture human intelligence to unlock the true potential individually and collectively.

This learning program for holistic talent empowerment addresses all aspects of building right talent including awareness, aspiration, self-governance, personalized self-directed learning, collaboration, team building, flow at work, task and time management, thinking, innovation, change management, and performance management.


Masterclass Modules

Reinvent: Drive Continuous Innovation


In this world of constant change, stagnation is not an option. Stagnation slowly destroys institutions and business enterprises. Organizations and individuals staying in the comfort zone for too long will definitely perish.

Reinvent workshop helps ignite outside-the-box thinking to escape the stagnation trap and to drive continuous innovation and progress.

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Transform: Drive Radical Change

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Transform for Excellence is an unique workshop for building expertise to drive holistic transformation in workplace, higher education, and individuals for unlocking their true potential individually as well as collectively.

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Aware: Script Your Own Success


Aware is to help college students and workforce identify their desire, passion, career aspiration, strengths and weaknesses. It helps wisely guide individuals to learn what matters, develop right talent, and help position their talent. Aware brings confidence and insight necessary to succeed.

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Empower: Drive Personal Autonomy

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Empower is a learning program to help knowledge workers and learners to take control of their success. It helps individuals harness the right insight to wisely decide, develop talent and drive towards success with great confidence.

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Ignite: Enable Self-Directed Learning


Ignite makes learning effective, sensible and quick. Ignite helps drive holistic learning by perfectly aligning career aspiration with the personal learning roadmap. More than driving learning, this learning programs unlock the cognitive ability through understanding how to learn, unlearn and relearn continuously.

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Execute: Optimize Work

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Execute learning program help effectively manage task, time, build high performance teams and manage work for timely completion with high quality.

Execute helps manage projects the agile way and deliver great work with ease.

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Converge: Convergence of Brilliance

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Converge, powered by Smipio, connects institutional, industry and individual knowledge into an easy to navigate digital knowledge library. Holistic learning powered by digital library and personal learning navigator can bring right knowledge at fingertips by insightfully linking all the right dots.

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Holistic Digital Empowerment

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Digital technology plays a vital role in unleashing human excellence by making learning and working easy, sensible and scalable. Digital empowerment helps democratize knowledge and harness collective intelligence for delivering super performance.

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To unleash human excellence at your organization: