Masterclass: Holistic Digital Empowerment

Why Digital Empowerment?


To Bring Right Knowledge At Fingertips

Digitizing knowledge assets and organizing them into well curated digital library can empower learners and knowledge workers to easily navigate to right knowledge at right time.

This digital knowledge empowerment can make knowledge workers wiser to deliver great work with ease.


To Transform Education For The 21st Century

Education institutions got stuck in the 19th century factory model. The regimented rote learning, traditional classroom model, and crowd learning model fail to unlock the true potential.

Digital education can democratize learning and help institutions reach people in the remotest of the remote places. It can also enable personalized learning.


To Simplify Work, Happify Workforce

Connecting disintegrated systems, connecting workforce and customers, and driving collaboration across geographical boundaries can take workplace to the next orbit.

Digital transformation can help build holistic workplace to create the environment to enthusiastically engage at work, easily learn and optimally work.

The Art Of Connecting Digitally

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Digital empowerment can bring whole new possibilities for creating revolution at work, education institutions and in individual thoughts and actions.

Holistic Digital Empowerment masterclass elightens you on digital transformation methodology. You will learn how to digitally converge the brilliance of industry experts and academicians for delivering greatness.

Masterclass Focus Area


Look At The Big Picture

This masterclass enlightens the participants to understand system thinking, look at the whole, and realize why these sub components need to be connected. Participants will learn to see the connecting points to integrate and simplify the system.


Connect Digitally

This masterclass elucidates on the weaknesses of piecemeal solutions and on the power of holistic digital transformation. One of the objectives of digital transformation is to connect all the stakeholders to interact and get help.


Monitor The Progress

Participants will understand how to define the right performance metrics to monitor the progress and gap areas. This masterclass brings out the value of harnessing collective insight and enriching visibility.

For Who?


For middle management in workplace looking into the ways of simplifying work, delivering personalized learning, and building high performance teams working in harmony.

For educationalists and faculties looking for ways to redesign higher education to democratize education and help all talent shine.

Mix of participants from workplace and higher education can help understand the convergence of brilliance through digital connect.

Why Now?


Dangers Of Digital Disempowerment

Can any institution or individual survive meaningfully in the 21st century without getting digitally powered?

Embark on taking enterprise, education and self transformation to the next level. Everything will get redefined in the 21st century to democratize and deliver operational excellence. Learn how to drive the digital transformation.


Dangers Of Digital Distraction

Knife, a great invention,  can be a lifegiver or lifetaker depending on the person holding it and the intention. Digital can transform or destroy.

Digital addiction is becoming more dangerous than digital disempowerment. Some get sucked into digital blackhole for doing everything useless. It is necessary to understand right ways to get empowered digitally to enjoy meaningful life.

Masterclass Structure

Masterclass - Holistic Digital Empowerment

This masterclass can enlighten you on digital distraction and prepare you for the future of digital transformation. You will learn about digitalization, and about the role of transformational technology in converging business, education, knowledge and individuals.

If you wait any longer you and your organization will become irrelevant.

Duration: 2 Days; Participants: 15 (Maximum)

To deliver the masterclass Holistic Digital Empowerment in your organization